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Streamlining the B Impact Assessment


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Impact Assessment @ the Grassroots Level

Impact Assessment @ the Grassroots Level

BEntities, LLC is premised on 2 main assumptions:

  • We are all interconnected so how we treat each other matters; and

  • The power of human imagination and activity through collective enterprise is boundless

Resting on these assumptions, BEntities, LLC recognizes the B Impact Assessment as a versatile tool for engaging the whole of a business by assessing its impact on society and the environment and giving voice to every key stakeholder.

BEntities, LLC helps your business navigate the B Impact Assessment for more accurate results in less time.  The B Impact Assessment is comprehensive, tailored and nuanced, but there is no need for a business owner to spin his or her wheels going through the assessment.  With repetition, comes expertise.  Being the first B Impact Assessment consulting company in Pittsburgh and a Pennsylvania benefit limited liability company, BEntities, LLC is committed to having a positive impact on society and the environment and making impact assessment more accessible at a grassroots level.