BEntities, LLC
Streamlining the B Impact Assessment




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To make impact assessment, benefit company, and B Corporation business models more accessible at a grassroots level in the Pittsburgh region

The purpose of BEntities, LLC is to make impact assessment more accessible at a grassroots level by providing business owners with more accurate B Impact Assessment scores in less time.  The long-term vision is a network of businesses that are operating with eyes wide open, who are able to find each other both as clients and as resources for continued impact assessment.

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BEntities, LLC commits at least 5% of its annual profit to local charitable organizations



BEntities, LLC is a Pennsylvania benefit limited liability company.  It has made a commitment to material positive impact on society and the environment as assessed against a third party standard and to publish the results of its impact assessment from year to year in an Annual Benefit Report. Here is where you can find our Annual Benefit Report.